Cybersecurity Essay

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Cyber Security by American Military University
Professor Derrick Thomas
June 22, 2014

Cyber security is a difficulty that everyone faces in today’s society. It is defined in a variety of ways by many. One definition is that cyber security focuses on protecting computer networks, systems, data, and programs from unwanted access. Cyber security is sometimes referred to as information security, information network security, cyberspace security, or even computer security. There are many viewpoints by highly educated people on cyber security but the purpose of this paper is to tell my viewpoint on the subject. Every aspect of a persons life has some sort of cyber dimension. People paying for bills online, cloud computing, and even
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The third topic I will cover is about the companies or organizations that have been affected by hackers who breached their networks. Fourth, I will cover how cyber security affects the world and I will give some insight on the future of cyber security. One does not always have to be technologically savvy to be involved in technology, but in the world of cyber security, you might have to be savvy enough. Hackers sometimes pray on the weak who know little about the details involved in securing information networks. Cyber security can take on two forms and they are hardware and software. Hardware is an important part of cyber security. A network switch, which is also sometimes referred to as a switching hub, is a device that enables devices to physically connect together on a network system. Multiple cables can be used to connect these devices to the computer network so communication can transmit between the devices (Winterfeld & Andress, 2009, p. 46). The switches have the ability to operate at one or more layers of the OSI model (Winterfeld & Andress, 2009, p. 50). Chipsets is also a hardware that has to be monitored. Chips could be faulty when they are placed into a device and this could leave a potential opening for threats. Hardware attacks are by far less likely to happen when compared to a software. A person has to physically insert or replace a part in the computer network system in

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