Cyberbullying : The Psychological And Emotional Outcomes Of Cyberbullying

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“70% of student’s report seeing frequent bullying online” (“cyberbullying facts” 2). I think that this is sad that so many kids see other kids being bullied every day. I believe that cyberbullying is not okay and that we need to put a stop to it. According to “cyberbullyingfacts” cyberbullying is defined as a young person tormenting, threating or embarrassing other young person using the internet or other technologies, like cell phones. The psychological and emotional outcomes of cyberbullying are similar to those of real-life bullying. The difference is, bullying ends at school (cyberbullying), there is no escape. When kids are getting cyberbullied they feel bad about themselves. Many may drop out of school, or if it gets too bad, kids may commit suicide. Schools need to get involved when this happens to help put an end to this. When cyberbullying occurs, schools should get involved to help put an end to it. Although I believe that schools should get involved when cyberbullying occurs, there are also many reasons why schools should not get involved when this occurs. Many people think when schools get involved they are violating students first amendment right of freedom of speech, meaning any person has a right to his or her opinion and may say whatever they are thinking online. For example, people who are against school punishment for cyberbullying think students have the right to say whatever they want on social media even if it offends someone and hurts someone else. It…

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