Cyberbullying Is A Specific Type Of Bullying Essay

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Cyberbullying is a specific type of bullying in which the bully has power over the victim through a social media. A cyberbully can be just about anyone, for example classmates or even anonymous users. Through the social medias used by the victim the bully harrasses, embarasses, threatens, and targets the victim leading to many terrible decisions taken by the victim. The most usual reasons why a bully or cyber stalker decides to harass or embarrass their victim is because they see it as a way to stay popular, because hurting others makes them feel more powerful, it helps them cope with their own low self­esteem, they think it will help them fit in with their peers, and many other existing reasons.
In some cases these irrelevant thoughts of having more power by harming others lead to severe and terrible effects. Some of the most common effects are lowering the victim’s self­esteem, depression, losing weight or changing appearance to try and fit in, withdrawal from family and spending a lot of time alone, decreased academic achievement, and in other extreme cases this can lead to self harming and suicide. Before all of these effects reflect on a person it is better to prevent them by having knowledge on the signs of a cyberbullying victim. Some of the signs of a victim are: he or she appears nervous when receiving a text, instant message, or email, trouble sleeping at night, seems uneasy about going to school or pretends to be ill, withdrawing from friends and family in real…

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