Essay on Cyberbullying Is A Real And Negative Side Effect

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In fact, children that are addicted to technology are more susceptible to being cyberbullied. Cyberbullying is a real and negative side effect that comes with using the Internet. If kids do not know how to protect themselves online, they can fall victim to serious cyberbullying. The unsecure features of social media allow users to place anything about themselves on the web: true or false. Innocent youth that do not realize people can portray fabricated versions of themselves online may unwillingly be talking to a catfish, someone using a fabricated profile online. There is no way of knowing who is on the other side of the screen. In addition, many students at school feel powerful on the web because they believe they can post anything without any repercussions. As a child that is still learning the difference between right and wrong, they may be talking to someone that does not have good intentions. To begin, a doctor at the University of Deusto in Spain surveyed eight hundred and forty-five teenaged students and found that 24% of them had been a victim of at least one cyberbullying behavior before (“Cyberbullying Puts Teens...”). Since many teenagers chose to live their life on the Internet, a significant amount of them are falling victim to malicious people online. Any person, no matter how obsessed with social media, should never have to face cyberbullying. In reality, teenagers spending over three hours a day on social media are 110% more likely to experience…

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