Cyberbullying Essay: Causes And Effects Of Bullying

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It 's very important that everyone get a good understanding of bullying. It 's also important that everyone see 's how dangerous bullying is; not only to the victims but those who are participating in this harmful activity. Bullying can happen to anyone, it doesn 't mater what race your are; it doesn 't matter what sex you are even ager it can happen to anyone. In my paper I 'm going to be focusing on different kids being the victim of bullying because, I 've read so many articles on young kids being bullied and it really touched me to write an essay about it. To understand what cyberbullying is, you have to know what bullying is and what kind of activity occurs. Bullying is when a child at school, shows very aggressive behavior towards other …show more content…
Any kind of bullying can have many effects in this case, cyberbullying can effect the victim in many ways. An good example is suicide this is the third leading cause of death of young children, resulting in about near 4,400 deaths a year. This is very sad because bullying is the result of it. This really touched me because, this is not the only effect that comes from cyber bullying; any other kind of bullying. The use of drugs and alcohol can result from bullying also drug and alcohol abuse, failing grades caused by skipping school because, the victim is afraid to face the bully even the bully 's audience. The two last effects I 'm going to discuss are poor health and low self esteem, in my opinion these two effects are the symptoms that lead to suicide caused by bullying when the victims has been repeatedly bullied. They gain low self esteem not only that, but poor health especially mental and they commit suicide. Any type of bullying is wrong and not safe the advice, I would give the victims that 's being bullied is to tell

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