Essay on Cyberbullying Can Psychologically Damage A Person

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In this fast-paced world, adolescents’ today tend to have an easier access to everything,through their mobile devices. Unfortunately, being connected to the world doesn’t always mean; rainbows and lollipops. Cyberbullying can cause a lot of damage to a person for the long-run. Some of these adolescents learn that you need to become a cyberbully in order to get targeted. For these victims they have to go through painful and traumatic experience for a very prolonged period of time. These very teens would most likely suffer from psychological disorders. They did an experiment where 30 junior high students, and 31 junior high students from Taiwan. One group received 8 classes about cyberbullying, and that group of students gained knowledge and awareness about the cause and effects of cyberbullying, and reduced intentions about doing it. This related to the questions about “ Why and how do people target certain users on social media?”. In the article it’s basically saying about how cyberbullying can psychologically damage a person. At the same time many people who may act all nice and all. But they target regardless what damage they may be doing to the person, just so they can appear “ cool”in front of their fellow peers. People mainly target certain users who are not able to easily defend themselves. weak in physical or emotional aspects. Recently Australian schools are now facing a new challenge, cyberbullying. Cyberbullying tend to take a different form of…

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