Essay on Cyberbullying and Its Harmful Effects on Teens

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Cyberbullying and Its Harmful Effects on Teens
Teens have nowhere to hide. Cyberbullying is increasing alongside of advances in technology. Most teens now have access to electronic communications and the Internet, making them easy targets for cyberbullying. Cyberbullies are using e-mail, cell phones and the Internet to cause emotional harm, harass, threaten, ridicule, and exert control over their victims. Additionally, cyberbullied teens are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Cyberbullying must be stopped; it poses psychological trauma and health risks, affects social interpersonal skills, and can ultimately cause suicide. A Cyberbully is able to breach every part of its victim’s life, and keeping teens safe in cyberspace will be a
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Girls will harass other girls by using unfavorable slang terms such as, “slut,” and “whore;” whereas boys harass other boys by attacking their sexual preference. Whether it is a girl or boy doing the bullying, the results are just as lethal. Teens act impulsively, giving no thought to right or wrong, rhyme or reason, causing situations to escalate. Additionally, teens who are victims of cyberbullying can become terrorized, live in constant fear, and will often suffer other lasting wounds (nightmares, depression, binge eating, or aggression), placing them at increased risk for health problems, psychological disorders, substance abuse, and criminality (Myers 78). The National Crime Prevention Council reported that in 2006 approximately 43% of teens had reported being cyberbullied during the previous year. Additionally, a 2009 Pew study showed 75% of teens owned a cell phone, as well as 73% of teens used a social networking site. Cellular cyberbullying can be done by threatening calls, voicemails, or text messages. In 2009, “ninety percent of U.S. teens . . . were sending 50 or more texts daily . . .; and 75 percent were using [social media] sites” (Myers 250). Mental health professionals are seeing a rise of cyberbullying among teens, and are urging primary care physicians to educate their young patients on the topic. Additionally, they are urging physicians to screen for possible

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