Cyberbullying : A New Form Of Terror Essay

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There are many who journey through a period where the strong oppress the weak, the insidious disarm the truthful. And we simply cannot ignore it. Efforts have been made in this country to prevent atrocities caused by bullying, yet sadly bullying will not cease. However, in our country, America has gone to great lengths in both limiting and preventing bullying. Nonexistent years ago, are now groups who help students cope with bullying, and schools spanning the nation have taken more of an active role in combatting bullying. Unfortunately, a new form of terror is slipping through the cracks of campuses, invisible undetectable and most of all, deadly. Through mere words now, without a face, a deviant can push another to commit suicide. This is cyberbullying involving a high level of cowardice, anonymity and it is happening right now on social media.

Cyberbullying is utilization of the internet and other capable communication devices to defame another. Cyberbullying ranges from vile messages on the internet to hacking, mimicking, and deleting accounts. . Thanks to the internet, this is happening at any time at any place. Our nation has accommodated technology over the years the accessibility of the internet increased exponentially within the recent decades. In utilizing social media platforms, it 's become a new playground for bullies to push others off the swings. Only recently has the government become more active regarding legislation against cyberbullying. It took…

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