Cyberbullying : A New Form Of Bullying Essay

1159 Words Oct 18th, 2016 5 Pages
Hey fatty, ugly, four eyes; these words no longer only uttered as a student walks down the crowded halls, but now are appearing on social media. This is a new form of bullying, that has surfaced with the new technology of social media. These students feel alone and wonder, what 's next. They are not alone, many students attending all levels of schools face this problem every day. Bullying is when a person purposely harms another by saying something hurtful, spreading rumors, or causing physical harm. How can this is done in a classroom, by calling other students names in the class. The bully will also walk up and hit another student while in class. Although, most bullying at school happens outside of the classroom crowded hallways, stairwells,and restroom are a bully 's favorite spot to hide and wait for their next victim. With students having constant access to the internet cyberbullying can happen anywhere and at anytime time of the day or night. Cyberbullying is done the use of technology such as social media and the internet to sent messages of threatening nature to the victim. Research suggests schools should develop anti-bullying programs because of bullying is on the rise, students need to learn about cyberbullying, and the consequences of being bullied are dire. Bullying is a form of abuse from one student to another that is on the rise. “Bullying is a behavior that includes a whole range of actions that cause physical or emotional pain, from spreading…

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