Informative Essay: The Use Of Social Media In Everyday Life

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Social Media

Technology has been developed like social media. Social media is media like website or application with many people use by all age to creat, search, and share content in social networking. Now easy for everyone use social media because social media can be access in smartphone or computer. Many people use social media for daily life because social media because social media make activity easier. In daily life social media was usually used to work, study, chatting, or finding something. Bow many social media can be used like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Path, etc. For use social media we must have account adn internet access for use social media. Social media can use for send text, picture, video, sound, file and call
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There are anti social in social media because they feel unwanted and unappreciated. For example someone has post something in social media and someone send comment so bad. That example can make someone be anti social. When some one be anti social they will closs access for someone.
Cyber bullying is bullying in social media. Cyber bullying can give many effect for someone get cyber bullying like feel unwanted. Afraid with comment, unappreciated and can make someone want to do suicide. Cyber bullying can be like write or send picture has been edited to hoot someone. If someone get cyber bullying. They will fell so down and many cyber bulying do with childern and teenager because who do cyber bullying don’t think the effect that give.
Mental health is someone feel bad with themselves because someone more better than them. Mental health can give effect someone feel envy. Angry with themselves, and want to do suicide. Mental health can be like someone looks, reads, or watching someone in the condition more good then themselves and feel envy because can’t be like that
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The positives effect of technology are make up easier in finding more information. When technology has been developed, we can search information easier in social media . that information can increase our knowlage. Not only information we can search, now we can find people to in social media. Because now usually people have account social media. So we can find someone we know or admire at social media.
Help communication with others people. Because technology has been developed, now we can use social media to communication with our family or our friends. Then we can communication with someone we don’t know before or someone we admire. In social media we can do call, video call, posting picture, posting video or sound, and text someone or everyone to tell what we feel or what we did.
Develop skill with social media. Now in social media have turtorials to develop skill. Not one skill we can develop but many skill. In social media we can watch someone made something and we will learn and do it. We can ask that tutor for develop our skill. Or we can join in virtual class for increase our

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