Cyber Bullying, Preventable Or Not Essay examples

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Cyber bullying, Preventable or Not “There’s nothing really that can be done” I sat there taking in my counselors words, but what I didn’t understand is why my life had to change. According to, an article from the SIRS data base; cyber bullying is being taken even more seriously lately due to increasing suicides. Lawmakers have required schools to step up and change procedures in schools to help prevent more cyber bullying attacks from occurring. It is found that there are people that actually believe that cyber bullying is just a part of life they don’t think that it is wrong when they do it, or see others doing it. Both viewpoints make the realization that it is harder than they thought to prevent cyber bullying, no matter what people believe. This paper will examine the Pro, Con and my viewpoint on cyber bullying.
Firstly, the pro viewpoint is; Cyber bullies should be punished for their behavior. To begin with, questions linger with rise in anti-bullying ordinances. Eric Shulzke a writer for Deseret News wrote an article explaining the pro side of why cyber bullying should be dealt with by law. Shulzke wrote “With suicide being the third largest cause of death among teens according to the center for disease control, the role of bullying in fomenting self-destruction thoughts has drawn increasing attention in recent years.” This evidence states that cyber bullying has clearly become an even more of a serious problem. Cyber bullying has been causing teens to become more…

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