Cyber Bullying Is The Most Recent Form Of Bullying Essay

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Cyber bullying is the most recent form of bullying that has resulted with the advancements in technology. Just like traditional bullying, cyber bullying is aimed at instilling fear and intimidation in another person. Cyber bullying mainly targets children and teenagers and takes several forms. It is hence defined as using information technology platforms to deliberately cause intimidation, harassment, or harm to another person. Sometimes, cyber bullying may not involve direct acts by a bully, but it may be indirectly done by a person supporting actions that lead to cyber bullying through information and communication platforms. Apart from intimidation, aims at controlling, manipulating or humiliating the victim of cyber bullying.
There are several platforms through which cyber bullying may be executed. Social media sites through the internet form the most common platforms for cyber bullying. These sites include Facebook, twitter, instagram, and similar platforms. Sending of provocative messages through these social sites is a very common form of cyber bullying. Emails can also be used as a means through which bullying is perpetrated. It is therefore, worth noting that is not only limited to harassment and harming of the victims. Other forms of cyber bullying may involve impersonation and stalking of the victims. Continuous sending of emails and text messages can also amount to cyber bullying as long as the recipient feels irritated by such actions.
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