Cyber Bullying Is Being Treated Essay

1105 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
After the uproar about cyber bullying in 2014, there is still a large number of victims reporting of being bullied online and being ignored. In my community I have witnessed a lot of children still being cyber bullied and nobody is doing anything to stop it or control it. The cyber bullying in our community can be taken care of and in the end could greatly decrease the numbers of suicides and life threatening decisions these children are making. As a citizen in this community and a personal victim, I believe that I have a right to stand up and let my community know about the absurdity of how cyber bullying is being treated. Therefore, I urge the parents in this community to stand up with me and monitor what their children do and say on the internet to help decrease cyber bullying.
The actual definition of cyber bullying is the use of social media or any type of chat app or, pictures to attack, threaten, degrade, blackmail, or make fun of another person in intention to hurt them. This kind of bullying is mostly seen in the fifth through eleventh grade and sometimes even to college students. Most children who report cyber bullying are told to just delete the app and ignore and it’s just not possible to do that. After being bullied personally, it’s known that the bullying and torment won’t stop until someone stands up for you. Even after it does stop the insults and torment still come up during school or any other time. There’s really no stopping the pain that the bullied…

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