Cyber Bullying And Digital Media And Legal Issues

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Cyber Bullying and digital media and social, and legal issues
2.0. Introduction Media are machines that encode messages in readable. There has been a wide use of these media in all spectrum of life in business, marketing, medical and legal fields. This has been boosted by technological advancement that has been witnessed over time. Organizations have therefore evolved from use of traditional media to the current use of digital media. The highest beneficiaries of the digital media are the business entities. Business entities employ these digital media in various stages of production and marketing. There are several advantages that have since accrued to organizations that use digital media in its business premises such as reaching a wide base of customers. However there are also a lot of disadvantages that include social, economic and legal aspects. These have negatively affected the full utilization of the implementation and the use of digital media.
3.0. Digital media and cyber bulling Digital media entails the use of internet in advertisement, these leaves organizations to various cyber attacks that include cyber bulling, hacking, and virus attacks. The main aspects that revolve around digital media and cyber bullying are among other the use of media to harass users from the other ends that is done
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The legal and social frameworks that have been put in place to prevent cyber bullying have not effectively eradicated the problem in the society. This has been attributed to the fact that there are several loopholes that offenders use to get off the hook. These have negatively affected the strategies that the legislation and the society have strived to eradicate. Further institutions have to find ways to implement the legal provisions that have been put in place to deal with the cyber bullying in the growing digital

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