Bullying: The Causes And Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Hearing the word bullying, most people might automatically think about the scene where the bully kid was beating the nerd kid because he didn 't gave the bully kid a money he was asking. But when is this problem going to end? This issue will certainly remain forever because bullying became nature to everyone. However, due to the progression of the technology, this issue has been brought to the internet world, so is discrimination. Children, at a very young age, already know how to use gadgets, and they can even easily access in any kind of social networking sites. Cyberbullying is a form of harassing, embarrassing or threatening other people by anonymity through online and text messages. According to Dr. Martyn Wild “Cyberbully is poised …show more content…
It is a serious illness that can affect each persons life. This can also lead to another illness like low self-esteem and anxiety because of the negative things they were hearing about themselves. In the article “More Teen Victimized By Cyber-Bullies,” Allan Decker explained that victims who encountered harassment online are apparently the ones who always get into trouble in school such as getting suspension, detention, being absent and even experiencing emotional distress. Furthermore, cyberbullying can affect students in any places. For example, at home, in school or even during class. In short, this problem occurred all the time because as long as the victim were connected to the internet, theres’s a possibility that the bullies are attacking them. This makes victims more depressed because they cannot escape their problem. Being depressed can lead victims to affect their studies, therefore they lose interest in going to …show more content…
There’s a lot of cases about teenagers who commit suicide like the story of Tyler Clementi. According to the article “Private Moment Made Public, Then a Fatal Jump,” Lisa Foderado, tells about the story of Tyler Clementi’s death. His roommate secretly put a hidden camera in their room to record Tyler Clementi’s sexual intercourse with someone. Tyler Clementi is a homosexual. His roommates posted it in the internet and had seen by many people. This is why Tyler Clementi decided to commit suicide through jumping off the bridge. Tyler Clementi was one of the people who experienced the cruelty of

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