Cyber Bullies And Cyber Bullying Essay

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Prosecuting Cyber Bullies Cyber bullies make people have suicide thoughts and lives are lost; therefore, cyber bullies need to be prosecuted. Once, there was a student named Felix, he was sixteen years old and he suffered from being a victim of cyber bullying. Even though he would be bullied, he would always try to have a smile on his face every single day even though he had depression inside. He would never speak up about what was happening to him because he was afraid of what might happen to the bully and never wanted anything bad to happen to the bully only because he doesn’t like seeing people get into any type of trouble. The person who would bully him, Colby, would pick on him physically and mentally always found it funny to bully Felix, but Felix would let it slide. Colby would always punch him out of school when he knew that Felix didn’t have anybody else to protect him. When Felix would get home, his parents would ask what happened to him but he would say anything to try and protect Colby, he would tell his parents that he ran into a door or into a pole, the usual stuff people to protect the people from going to jail. Until one day, he spoke up and told the counselor about his everything that was happening to him and the counselor told him to tell the principle, so he did but the principle told him that he could not do anything about it. Felix didn’t know what to do besides going back to doing self-harm. After promising to himself that he wouldn’t go back to doing…

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