Cutting Funding For Art Programs Essay

1512 Words Feb 24th, 2016 7 Pages
The recent trend of cutting funding to art programs in public schools who are financially strained has sparked and interest in the impact of art programs on the wellbeing of students. This has led to a debate centered around whether or not fine arts education are beneficial enough to the students and staff to continue fighting for funding. Opposers argue that the money could be used in academics and that the arts provide no real life skills that are applicable after graduation. With more and more schools today retracting their arts programs because of the uproar of these academic warriors, we are forced to examine the academic impact as well as the impact on the students quality of living resulting from the presence of these programs. One of the most prominent reasonings for cutting art programs are the recent trends of lower test scores. In an article about declining test scores written by the Washington Post, it is reported that on a 500 point scale students “show two-point losses in eighth-grade math and reading and a one-point drop in fourth-grade math.” Because of these declining scores, parents and school leaders think that time in rehearsals and in arts classes could be spent learning the material that a student is struggling with. This may be valid to some point in that extra tutoring could help to raise test scores, but only if the students are willing to participate in these forced tutoring class periods. Those who take this position on the issue may also feel…

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