Essay on Customer Service Skills For Employees

1239 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
During the hiring process in class, I made the decision to hire Fabiana, Josephine, and Quan. One of the qualifications I was looking for was previous retail experience. When looking through the applications of these three ladies I noticed that retail experience was something that they all had and a significant amount of it too. When speaking with these ladies they all were very nice, had good positive energy, and seemed genuinely excited to be apart of the Celeb Jocker Team, which was a qualification I wanted in my employees. Customer service skills was definitely a qualification I desired in my employees and all of these ladies had that skills according to their previous and current jobs. A more specific reason for why I hired Quan is because she actually owns her own online boutique.Since Celeb Jocker is an online retailer, I thought Quan would be an amazing fit to this company because she already has experience in online branding and how to reach the consumer from behind a computer screen. That is a skill that is really important when a company like Celeb Jocker wants to be a successful e-tailer. A more specific reason for why I hired Fabiana is because she has experience is visual merchandising and styling. Styling is important to the company of Celeb Jocker because we need someone on our team who is going to find and determine the hottest looks of today’s celebrities and then pick out the garments that are most similar to celebrity’s garments. A specific reason I…

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