Customer Service Hall Of Fame Essay

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2014 Customer Service Hall of Fame
Antwan Foster
Customer Relations for Managers/Man4162
Prof. Ramsundar

2014 Customer Service Hall of Fame The 2014 customer service Hall of Fame was presented in an article on 24/7 Wall St. talk with USA TODAY 's (Laura Petrecca). In this article it featured Doug McIntyre studies on customer service ranking. Amazon being one of the top companies. Giving their customers the abilities to review and insert feedbacks on products. Follow Amazon is the high-ended hotel chains. With their staff being highly trained in hospitality it makes overnight stays, and business conferences more peaceful and comfortable for their guests. One of the biggest turned around in customer service ranking were a chicken restaurant in the fast-food industry, named Chick-fil-a. It’s the second largest quick-service chain in the country. Known for being in operation six days a week, having Sundays off, and making more revenues than other companies that are open seven days a week.

Chick-fil-a faced a lot of challenges in the pressed news before proven to be one of the leading customer-centric companies. Recently in 2012, many protesters were seeking to close a Chick-fil-a branch on the University of Louisville campus. After CEO of Chick-fil-a publicly announce how they are against gay marriages, public discomfort started to arise up. Some of the customers and students at Louisville University felt as if Chick-fil-a were a…

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