Chipotle Case Study History

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Shawn Upadhyaya
Financial Accounting 101A
11 November 2016
Steve Ells, Chipotle and Chips, Please!
Founded in 1993, Chipotle sought out to create a health conscious casual fast food place and it has been a successful pioneer in that field, given its full history of the company. Taking advantage of the fact that burgers are on the decline amongst consumers and burritos are on the incline, as of the recent decades, Chipotle has been rapidly taking the business of America 's traditional fast food companies and despite a few costly mistakes when it comes to food contamination it has been named the King of Restaurant Chains having over two thousand locations world wide. In this essay we will be taking a look at Chipotle 's history as a
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It is the recent findings of contamination and the increase of food related sicknesses from Chipotle food that had stemmed and caught aflame in 2015. People had claimed to get sick from contaminated Chipotle food in nine different states. With all this negative news and sicknesses found Chipotle it 's IPL declined rapidly overnight. Personally I do not know if it is that chipotle has been lacking quality ingredients or simply their overall quality has been lowered, but I have found that Chipotle is not as tasty as it once was for me couple years back. I do not know if it is all the media attention surrounding Chipotle 's salmonella and e-coli findings that has really deterred me, or if I just realized that Chipotle is really not that tasty for me. I have not been eating there as of lately and on top of that I don 't know if I will go there ever again unless some serious changes happen. It is the customers like me where Steve Ells is beginning to gain concerns over. He says in a interview with the Greg Giammona that he is worried that a percentage may never come back to Chipotle or it may take years for them to come back. Chipotle 's website site some information about internal controls regarding accounting. The internal controls continue to explain that Chipotle is a controlled oriented environment in which written policy and procedures will be followed. These internal controls also emphasize accuracy and care amongst data. Continues to say being false in recording information will not be tolerated. Their internal controls document further emphasizes the importance of honesty and also emphasizes the retention of records as a quintessential aspect to keep a sharp eye

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