Customer Service At A Multinational Retail Corporation Essay

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When it comes to customer service the costumers are always right and sometimes the customers can be hard to deal with. However, the key to having a successful customer service experience for the client no matter how their attitude might be is the employee way of handling it because at the end of the day we don’t want to lose a customer. Working at a multinational retail corporation like Wal-Mart employees can encounter many challenges. However, there are ways to ease the challenges by hiring the appropriate employees. Questions asked at the interviews, testing, and training they all play an important role when it comes to having a successful business that runs smoothly.
When it comes to the questions asked at the job interview is important to ask every individual the same questions that way the answers can be compared and contrast and at the same time asking the same questions is a sign of fairness. To start off question could be “Why do you want this job, what does customer service means to you, what are some of the quality that you possess to be successful at this job, and lastly how you will deal with a difficult customer?” We have to keep in mind that “what we learn from recruitment research conducted using large firms may not be applicable to small firms (Cem, 2003). “Barber et al. (1999) argue that recruitment in large organizations has to be more formalized in two ways. First, based on the efficiency imperative, organizations that have repeated transactions will…

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