Customer Service And Patient Experience Model

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In this discussion board post I will describe my organization’s customer service and patient experience model. More specifically, I will describe the standards, measures, reward and recognition program, and staff training. Then I will go on to describe how my organization’s customer service model works with provided examples. Next I will discuss the customer service model and patient experience for my unit. I will include the nurse’s role as well as my nurse manager’s involvement. The next topic I will discuss is customer service and the way in which my organization measures it. I will then describe the satisfaction level of the customers. Lastly, I will explain how reimbursement is linked to customer satisfaction.
Putting patients first
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A study was done that indicated positive links between patient experience, patient safety and clinical effectiveness in this type of care. It demonstrates positive associations between patient experience and positive surveys. Also, there was evidence of positive feedback between patient experience, high quality of care and a decrease in adverse events (Doyle, Lennox, & Bell, 2013).
One example of this model being effective is our consistent high patient satisfaction scores. These high scores are reflected on patient surveys as well as during leadership rounding. If this model of care was ineffective there would be a correlation of lower patient satisfaction scores. Another example of this model of care being effective is the expectation of each staff member, including the doctor, nurse, environmental and food services to care for each patient individually and as she wishes. The patient is included in her care which allows her expectations of care to be
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There is daily rounding on patients by the manager, or team leader if the manager is not available to round, and by patient satisfaction surveys. Customer satisfaction has been high on my unit for several years. It remains high, I believe due to the type of care we give. Providing our patients and families with patient (family) centered care and putting them first allows for all their needs to be met. Also, our staff are all patient advocates. If the nurse believes a test needs to be done, or if she feels that the patient’s needs are not being met, she advocates for her patients. This is well respected by the doctors that deliver patients at my

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