Customer Service And Patient Experience Model Essay

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In this discussion board post I will describe my organization’s customer service and patient experience model. More specifically, I will describe the standards, measures, reward and recognition program, and staff training. Then I will go on to describe how my organization’s customer service model works with provided examples. Next I will discuss the customer service model and patient experience for my unit. I will include the nurse’s role as well as my nurse manager’s involvement. The next topic I will discuss is customer service and the way in which my organization measures it. I will then describe the satisfaction level of the customers. Lastly, I will explain how reimbursement is linked to customer satisfaction.
Putting patients first is the focus of my organization’s customer service and patient experience mode. This is inclusive of the patient’s physical comfort, as well as their educational, emotional, and spiritual needs. Patient-centered care is the standard of care that is given in my organization. There are a couple ways in which this model of care is measured. First, it is measured in real time. Meaning my manager or team leader rounds on patients daily to get feedback on their care. If there is an issue, it is addressed during their stay. Secondly, it is measured by patient surveys. Every patient receives a survey within a couple weeks of their stay at the hospital.
Staff training can vary for employees. New employees will receive a 2 week hospital…

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