Essay on Customer Service And Employee Service

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When was the last time you had extraordinary customer service? If you’ve been to any store here in Lansing, then you know it is a rare thing to receive decent customer service. For example: the other day I went to Meijer, and received the worst customer service from a cashier. The cashier ringing me up did not say a single word to me till the end of the transaction. I decided to see if it was just me they did not like. I sat in front of the lane, and watched how the cashier treated other customers. It turned out that the cashier was just extremely unfriendly. In today’s society, the majority of workers in today’s work force are working because they want to do everything they can to help their customers. The reality is that exceptional customer service has truly become a thing of the past. “Without a strong customer relationship, businesses will begin to fail (“Listening to…” 22). Businesses should be required by law to provide thorough as well as consistent customer service training.
Michigan’s economy has struggled for some time now. Due to it being so rocky it has caused the job market to dwindle. In Joe Calvaluzzi’s article “The Dwindling Job Market” he writes about the impacts of the dwindling job market. He expresses his compassion for those people who have been laid off due to the economy being so rough. He writes about how due to the people being laid off, the employees that are left have to do those people’s jobs. This can cause employees to become stressed, burnt…

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