Customer Segment : Social And Emotional Jobs Essay

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2. Customer Segment:

This customer segment is focused on the teachers and they present Functional, Social and Emotional jobs. Regarding to their Functional Jobs, teachers want to be part of Educate! in order to gain more knowledge about the different tools to approach the problems inside and outside of the classroom. Another Functional Job is to facilitate as mentor, groups of students to help them to build and support an enterprise. On the other hand, concerning to their Social Jobs, the teachers are identified as mentors and problem solvers, so this gives them the “power” to be perceived as leaders and make impact on others. Also, the advantage to be trained by Educate! professionals, give them the differenced value between their peers, having the opportunity to share with them the new learnings. Finally, the Emotional Jobs in the teachers are presented as the search of feeling good helping to solve student’s problems, for example assessing them in specific topics regarding to starting an enterprise.

The most common pain for the teachers is to have different problems inside and outside the classroom and don’t have the tools or the support to help them. Another one is to have the train the trainers and can’t reach to make an impact on the students because of the complexity of the problems. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge about enterprises and own business can be a pain too, because they don’t have the experience of launching an enterprise they could feel that…

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