Customer Satisfaction Is Important For Many Businesses Essays

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Customer satisfaction is of great importance for many businesses. It is what distinguishes one business from the other usually in terms of the quality of goods or services. As competition between companies who offer similar services increases, they must take advantage of the distinction and make sure that in terms of everything including customer satisfaction, they are the front runners. Companies often seek this information through the use of surveys which involves the collection of data by having people answer a series of questions. These questions may be presented in the form of questionnaires or interviews. In this case, the survey was conducted through the use of questionnaires by the General Medical Council.
The survey which I had selected was seeking feedback from patients about a doctor. It is a self-administered questionnaire meaning it is filled out by the respondent themselves. This questionnaire was mainly intended to promote improvement by bringing areas of dissatisfaction experienced by the patients during their visit to the attention of the doctor. The patient is required to provide the name of the doctor, most likely for clarity purposes. Opposite to this, presumably for the purpose of establishing rapport, the questionnaire does not require that you provide your name. This allows the survey taker to feel comfortable and confident in their answers without the worry of being identified. This is confirmed later on the questionnaire when the respondent is asked…

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