Importance Of A Neutral Question

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The obvious interpretation of ‘a neutral question’ is one where the questioner has no vested interest in the answer. I.e., the questioner will accept the answer which emerges, eschew confirmation bias and refrain from seeking to weight the outcome of an inquiry in favor of preconceived ideas, prejudices or predictions. So, a neutral question is a detached, impersonal, open question, and yes, some people are capable of asking them.
Or least, they would be if there was any such thing as a neutral question. The problem is judging whether a question is neutral or not.
Depending on the area of knowledge we are talking about issues that may arise within these areas, in my opinion, they will not have a neutral character.
Neutral questions should not influence the responses of anyone, since they are made either through ignorance or to drive the conversation, or debate a relaxed and non-hostile environment, maintaining the defensive attitude of the person out of the conversation. They offer people the opportunity to express themselves spontaneously, without fear of being judged. Neither these questions are rhetorical and capricious, and do not attempt to evaluate or compromise the answers. Thus, the energy of both parties aims to achieve constructive and useful goals.
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Ethics is the branch of philosophy that studies the goodness or badness of behavior. Its focus human actions and those aspects of them which relate to the good, virtue, duty, happiness and fulfilled

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