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LensCrafters Company started in 1983 a process of having eyeglasses made with an hour. Show great customer service with doctors, laboratory technician and eyeglass frames in store locations. In this case study characteristics of LensCrafters will be reviewed on many levels. The topics of chose range from Customer Benefit Package (CBP), strategy and competitive priorities, service delivery system design, and service encounter design. In the readings below, the write has developed an analogy on LensCrafters. The analogy is based on LensCrafters’ case study from textbook and other resources.

Introduction: History
A subsidiary of Italy's Luxottica SpA, U.S.-based LensCrafters Inc. is the world's leading retailer of
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A service delivery system is made up of multiple, interdependent service processes. Overall, the service delivery design includes facility location and layout, services being rendered, technology and information support systems, and organizational structure. Any bad choices in these key factors will cause a company to collapse.
Service Encounter Design
The service encounter design has a particular focal point between the service-provider and customer. This is how goods and services are created with a customer. There are four principal elements for service encounter design: customer contact behavior skills; service-provider selection, development, and empowerment; recognition and reward; and service recovery and guarantees. All of these element help create a satisfied lifetime customer. The LensCrafters employees including doctors, lab technicians, and sales associates are required to have both technical and service management skills. Associates are well-trained, friendly and very knowledgeable of their job description (Collier, 2010).
Discuss what lessons the LensCrafters case demonstrates that other organizations might learn. LensCrafters has a strong commitment to their consumers. Offering customers a one-year warranty on their eye frames (Services 2012). The company knows how to cater to each individual customer’s needs. They offer unlimited cleaning and adjustments all these services are free of charge.

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