Customer Attitudes Toward Bmw Motorcycles Essay

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Details of Research
Customer Attitudes toward BMW Motorcycles: The satisfaction evaluation in brand image, quality perception and price perception of BMW R1200 GS/GSA customers toward purchase loyalty in U.K.
This final report is the finish summary version of overall information, knowledge, and data of the marketing research under the area of BMW R1200 GS/GSA motorcycles in UK. The BMW Motorrad under the BMW group has been producing motorcycles since 1923 and has providing a variety range of motorcycle styles (bmwgroup, 2012). In addition, the model of BMW R1200 GS/GSA motorcycles is a major consideration motorcycle in adventure sport style for all bikers in UK as it was named in the top ten model of new motorcycles
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However, after building the strong brand equity, (Keller, 2003) has claimed that brand loyalty would appear to be one of the benefits to the brand. On the other hand, most companies consider the customers to be one of the significant keys to make the company successful. Therefore, (Erdem & Swait, 2004) propose that the determination of successful business in long-term is to deliver the value to customers which related to (Marconi, 2000) suggestion that one of the factors which would make customers to remain loyal over brand is customer satisfaction. However, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (figure 3) will be used to explain the model of customer satisfaction.
Figure 3 the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)
Source: (Johnson, Gustafsson, Andreassen, Cha, 2001): "The evolution and future of national customer satisfaction index models.
(, 2001) explained that customer satisfaction occurs from two driven factors which can affect the satisfaction either directly or going through the perceived value factor (quality relative to the expense). From those two driven factors, the first factor is customer expectation, which is the customer’s anticipation of the quality of the products in both prior consumption experience from consumer and the expectation from company’s product quality deliver.

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