Curriculum Theory Of Curriculum

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Wm. Avery Chambers
Oklahoma State University
Comprehensive Exam
Dr. Juliana Utley

1. Pedagogy. Choose two curriculum theorists and discuss their main ideas, their major contributions to the field of curriculum, and the pro’s and con’s of their perspective. Moreover, analyze how one or the combination of the two have impacted your own view.

Two Curriculum Theorists
Franklin Bobbit (1876-1956)
Franklin Bobbit is perhaps one of the most radical scholars who played a vital role in shaping education curriculum for many years. Franklin is an American citizen, born in 1876 in Indiana. He possesses three major titles namely a writer, educationist and a university professor. According to Mary (2014) Franklin argued that school curriculum ought to be organized, prepared and structured in a manner that meets the needs of the student and society. Schools in the United States adopt a curriculum that is crammed with a reflection of the
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According to Banks & Banks (2009) the most common types of diversities in classroom setting encompass race, social class, gender, cultures and sexual orientation. A teacher can harness the power of diversities in a class perspective in many ways. Illustratively, diversities in a classroom denote students with different talents such as sporting, leadership, the rate of understanding, sets of experiences and knowledge and skills. A teacher can use diversities in a classroom to appoint group leaders in group discussions (Banks & Banks, 2009) Diversity in a classroom brings together students with different rates of understanding in learning processes, hence a teacher can use students with a faster rate of understanding to be group

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