Curley's Wife Ending Analysis

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by the time that Curley's wife hurried back home from the barn, where she had a secret rendezvous with Slim, the sun was fading over the horizon, painting the windows of the big old house and the clouds above it, in ominously fierce crimson colors. At the moment, there was hardly any movement in the air, but bright-red low clouds in the darkening sky foretold the upcoming day’s wind and calamity as clearly, as if they were announcing the weather out loud. Despite the evening hours, the surrounding atmosphere was intimidatingly hot and made the woman to perspire profusely. Curley’s wife has lived on the ranch for less than a month, and she already hated it. People, who lived here, wiped away all her childish hopes for love and happiness, leaving in …show more content…
The woman’s eyes got filled up with tears, which she fought back obstinately. The insulting expression on the old man’s face grew deeper. “You know nothin’, filth,” the old man said threateningly. He looked at the young woman with the air of vicious hatred. "If my son is where you say he is, it is all your fault. You’re good for nothin’. Now get away from my face, you, mindless bitch!" Flabbergasted and hurt, Curley’s wife recoiled from these words as if the old man slapped her in the face. Her lips parted as if she was going to give the old hog a suitable response, but the words never came out. She bit the bitter words back and burst from the porch in the gloomy suffocating darkness of the accursed house. Curley’s wife ran through the dark rooms with her face aglow and tears of humiliation welling in her eyes, ready to spill. The young woman swallowed these tears with a great effort – she did not want to give the old hog satisfaction of seeing her crying. However, by the time she got to the bedroom, the unshed tears were burning her eyes and clogging her throat, chocking

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