Culture Diversity Essay

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When implementing prevention programs, it is important to consider culture and diversity, such as socioeconomic status, sexuality, spirituality, ethnicity, and other aspects. Culture involves every aspect of an individual’s external and internal life. Many definitions of culture exist. One way to define culture is the knowledge, experience, values, ideas, attitudes, skills, tastes, and techniques that are passed on from more experienced members of a community to new members. Carriers of culture include families, religious organizations, peer groups, neighbors, social groups, and professional organizations. Some cultural experiences are related to biological factors, such as physical stature and skin color,
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Then, professionals must work with community members to address these identified problems in ways that “make sense” to the community members (Hogan et. al, 2002). The following worksheets provide a list of places to search for information on communities and questions to consider in your search (Gonzalez, Freeman, & HowardPitney, 1991)

Where to Go to Find Information about Communities
Start with a Library Search
Although you should spend most of your time in the community, it is important to devote some time to library research so that your approach into the community is an informed one. The following are the types of literature you will want to review. Census data, maps and other government documents, reports and statistics Such information identifies who and where the target community is, as well as what problems and needs exist in comparison to the general population.


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Medical and public health references, specifically epidemiological and health intervention articles related to the health problem(s) you want to address in a program. These provide the latest information on the scope of the problem, on trends in different populations and on previous approaches taken to mediate the problem. This type of information can give you ideas on how you might approach the problem in your target community. Behavioral and social science literature Review intercultural and ethnic studies literature

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