Culture Diversity Essay

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Culture Diversity in Business is Simple you First have to have the steps in order to be successful both America and Overseas, which is not easy because you have to appeal to both areas and have the necessary steps put in place already in order to be successful. The second important thing in my eyes is that you have to make it diversity and appeal to all workers and customers of your business.

Cultural Diversity
In order to be a successful company overseas you have to have Cultural diversity but not only that I think you have to have attitude acceptance. I think that the reason why we as American work so good together is because we learn to welcome others people diversity and I think
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I think that the army has come a long way with what they use as an approach base now that we are with civilian contractors such as KBR we work hand in hand with third country nationals or (TCN). And I think the reason why they have been able to survive so long is because they have a great global market with the economy the way it is and they are investing in the right things. The way I see it is as long as a war is going on they will always have a job overseas and there is stateside jobs working for civilian contractors with military installations.
Working with different cultures you have to know what is right and what is ok to do, the world we live in has so many different and it takes a lot to understand. As we learn to understand different work cultures we will be able to strive in whatever we do as a person trying to start a business in another country. As we build our culture norms with other countries it is very important for us to do them correctly. As I look back on how far Iraq has come as a country I think they have come a long way I think that we have gave them some of our culture as well as they have taken some of ours. Sometimes when it comes to America been nice and respectful we are not always the best at that we are always quick to point the finger, but not always quick to

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