Cultural Transformations For Generation Y Essays

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Cultural Transformation
According to Kowske et al. (2010) and Holt, Marques, and Way (2012), cultural transformations for Generation Y came in the form of increased oversight by both parents and the U.S. Government, brought about by safety innovations, changes in family dynamics and new government regulations, and focus on team building exercises in both academia and through extracurricular activities such as sports (p. 266; p. 82). Per Holt et al. (2012), these changes lead to a generation that was “. . . indulged . . . highly scheduled and secluded” and received “. . . better parental attention” (p. 82). Furthermore, according to Bradford et al. (2011), Busch et al. (2008), Deal et al. (2010), Gentry et al. (2011), Holt et al. (2012), and Thompson and Gregory (2012), one major cultural transformation which occurred during the birth of the Generation Y cohort centers on the integration of technology into all aspects of daily life, which has enabled people to network in ways never before realized (p. 67; p. 47; p. 192; p. 41; p. 82; p. 239). Though these technological advances are available and used by all active generations, the difference for Generation Y is the introduction of these advances beginning in young childhood. This early indoctrination has provided for an accepting and relaxed air by Generation Y peoples regarding the use of technology for work and pleasure, ease of multitasking and a reliance on instantaneous response (Holt et al., 2012, p. 83; Thompson &…

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