Cultural Report: My Trip To Tchad

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My Trip to Tchad
Giulia Di Leo (200314513)
GNED 1027 – 13025 - Cultural Report Assignment
Yvonne Salliou
Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

-Check in at Le Meridien Chari hotel in N’Djamena

-have breakfast at hotel -Have breakfast at hotel

-Have breakfast at hotel
-Visit National Park of Zakouma in Zakouma -Visit Musee National N’Djamena -Visit Guelta d’Archei in Ennedi

-Visit Le Tarso Tousside volcano + Tibesti mountains
-Eat dinner at Le Carnivore restaurant in N’Djamena -Eat dinner at restaurant Cote Jardin for dinner

-Visit Cinema le Normandie -Eat dinner at Le Central Hotel
-Travel back to Le Meridien Chari hotel for the night -Travel back to Le Meridien Chari hotel -Return
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In other words, I landed in the capital of Tchad. This airport is massive and is the only international airport in Tchad, the one other being a regular airport within the country. (See Appendix A). The first thing I will be doing today is checking in at Le Meridien Chari hotel, not far from the airport. (See Appendix B). This is the hotel where I will be staying for my trip, which is located at 396 Rue Du Colonel Moll. In Tchad grains are widely used and I decided to have a popular dish called “la bouillie”, which is French for porridge and can even be served as a breakfast cereal. (See Appendix C). It can be served plain or “served with any number of different sauces, made of dried fish meat, or vegetables.” (Hilton, n.d). I decided to have it plain, and I waited for it to cool down quite a bit since it is a hot day. The first thing I will be visiting today is the National park of Tchad named Zakouma, which it also translates to French as “Parc National Zakouoma”. It is a park not far from the capital, however it is a few kilometres south east of N’Djamena. (See Appendix D). I made my way to the N’Djamena train station, which took me to Zakouma. One thing I noticed in Tchad is the weather! It is so hot here and the temperature rises more during midday, which it is currently at 41 degrees. Tchad is known for hot weather, and the forecast says it’s going to be in the mid-40s all week. I just arrived off my train in Zakouma and the Park is quite a scenery. In the 1950s, “a French civil servant proposed turning the area into a wildlife reserve. He successfully argued that a ban on hunting would result in flourishing wildlife, which in turn would attract tourists.” (Thomas, J,

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