Cultural Dimensions Of Dance

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Dance and its Dimensions “Dance according to me is emotion. Dance is a non-verbal medium of communication where we can express our thought, beliefs and ideas. It is one of the most famous or prominent medium of art. Dancers develop their own techniques and moves with the help of choreographers. It provides both the viewer and the performer sense of freedom, happiness and joy. It helps people to express who they are. Dance is an art form where we express ourselves freely. It indeed has a complicated relationship with our emotions.” Dance has been a part of lives ever since time immemorial. Dancers is involved with physical patterns where the dancer becomes one with music tone, beat and rhythm. Dancers become too passionate …show more content…
It was usually a Western Europe- based dance form. This mainly referred for the upper class people such as kings, Queens, Princes, Dukes and Duchesses. These dances are mainly conducted in palaces under the supervision high classed people. It was during the Renaissance and Medieval time where art forms where coming into existence. Dance was given a major importance at that time and was considered as a favorite past time during Renaissance Period. Court dances were varied and were of different forms, and sometimes they were even called “Society Dances” or “Stately Dances”. Many of these Court Dances still exist nowadays and can be seen commonly in public functions such as Marriages, Parties, etc. Some of the common Court Dances which we see nowadays are India 's Court dances like Manipuri and Kathak dance forms. Dancers are usually wear formal dresses which can look comical. Both males and females dance wearing certain dresses. For example: Females had to wear hoop skirts at those times because it helpesd them to do a lot of jumping and skipping. Court Dance had easy steps like spinning around, moving around with their partners. Gradually, the steps became more sophisticated. Its most spectacular bought in together the elements of dance, music, love, juggling and recitation. Often Court Dances during the Renaissance period was of two types. First one was the simple dances which was performed by so many people and the complex dances which required a dancing master and the instructions under him. And also there were two styles that dominated the Court Dance which included the French dance and the Italian dance. Some of the common steps involve Riverensa, Passo, Passo Puntato, Continenza, etc. Most of the time, people wore masks which looks comical and strange. Court Dances mainly involves the hard works and determination of the dancers. Humans expressed thoughts and

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