Cultural Culture And The United States Essay

1780 Words May 12th, 2016 null Page
People from different cultures behave differently. Cultures can be divided into high-context culture and low-context culture. High-context culture “people use communication to build personal relationships.” Low- context culture “people use communication primarily to exchange facts and information.” The countries that I am going to compare are Malaysia, which is a high-context culture and the United States, a low context culture. In Malaysia, business is based more on relationship than sharing facts and information. Malay culture primarily focuses on tolerance, harmony and courtesy. Harmony is a very important aspect of Malaysian culture, but the same harmony could create power distance as well. Malaysian usually try to prevent disagreements, especially to elderly people and those who are in higher level in businesses. When the younger generation does not voice out the elderlies’ mistakes, a problem can turn into a danger. Such a situation happened two years ago with the Malaysian Airlines. “Most junior pilots did not challenge their senior officers quickly in a crisis”. Since Malaysia has one of the highest power distance score (a score of 100), the same problem was diagnosed for Malaysian Airlines awful accident in 2014. “Perhaps the biggest differentiator in aviation accidents aren’t necessarily related with pilot experience, plane type or even the nature of the mistake itself — it has to do with culture and how that affects communication with the two most important…

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