Cultural Barriers Of Immigration

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The number of immigrants coming into the United States increases every year. This only makes the country more difficult to stabilize and keep under control. Not to mention, the high rates of immigrants take away opportunities for many U.S. citizens. A main concern is the diverse nationalities and cultures causing a language barrier and as well as an issue of American safety. This country needs to become secure for its own before it welcomes others with open arms.
One quarter of the United States population is made up of children born in the U.S. and their immigrant parents. Several of these aliens receive Medicaid, or health insurance with full coverage for free. While this may be a great advantage of those collecting this help, this is a
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As long as there is a steady flow of new comers into this country, the amount of new languages will be on the up rise. The barrier will lead to confusion or divide the country. Diversity is not always a good thing. In fact, there are no positives to the many unknown tongues being brought into the country. Keeping people out of the states is highly unreasonable. However, a way to resolve is to find middle ground between the many cultures. According to Laura Hill, a researcher of immigration and population with a PhD states, “Immigrants with less than a high school diploma, only 12% speak English either exclusively of ‘very well’, and a high 67% speak English ‘not at all’ and 27% claim to not speak it well” (Hill 5). Learning English is not easy and will take dedication but it should be a requirement to becoming a citizen of the USA. Citizens would see the outsider trying to adjust to American customs and appreciate the effort. This would put a lot of confrontation and aggravation to …show more content…
All of the statements above are true and there is much sympathy for the people living in poverty. Yet this is no excuse to bring problems into the States. America will soon turn into the third world countries all of these people are running away from. The US has problems of its own that need to be resolved before taking care of another country’s responsibilities. Once this country goes down the drain, there will be nowhere left to escape to.
America is known as the land of the free. It is understandable why people are willing to go to such great lengths to make it here alive. Nonetheless, this nation will not always be as strong, equal, and appreciable if immigration laws do not crack down. It is now a matter of safety for the citizens and the US government needs to consider these people before handing out green cards to anyone willing to work for a low wage. In order to keep the USA a whole, improvements need to be made and priorities need to be set

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