Cultural Awareness In Korea

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Cultural Awareness

Today’s world is very diverse, and there are many cultures in it. According to Webster’s dictionary the definition of culture is; “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time” (Merriam). It all depends on where you live that determines which one you are a part of. Culture is something you are not born with; it is something you learn growing up from your family. It passes on from generation to generation. The way you act, talk, eat and everything else that you do in life. Culture is shared and/or transmitted through learning, and it helps shape your behavior and beliefs. Everyone’s culture has to provide for their needs, and they also encourage newcomers. This paper is going
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It has a communist state one-man dictatorship, which gives the government complete control of the population. Throughout its history there have only been three presidents/dictators which have been passed down from generation to generation, from grandfather to grandson. Even their religion is controlled; religious groups are sponsored by the government, but only to provide a sense of religious freedom. North Korea is located in between China and the lower half of the peninsula, South Korea. The terrain consists of hills and mountains divided by deep valleys. Only about 8 to 10 cities actually have the everyday necessities, the rest is undeveloped or in most cases untouched. Only the high ranking military and those who are lucky to be called the “chosen ones” have homes equipped with electricity, but are strictly monitored. The climate is tempered all year long with heavy rainfall during the spring, and occasional typhoons during the …show more content…
When World War II ended the Japanese ended their ruling in Korea. It was then when the peninsula was divided in half on the 38th parallel gridline. The north fell under the Soviet Union and the south under the United Nations/United States. The North Korean state was founded three years after it was divided on September 9, 1948. The military branches of the DPRK consist of North Korean People’s Army, Ground Forces, Navy, Air Force, and the Civil Security Forces. It has only been in one world-wide conflict, which was the Korean War. North Korea did not want South Korea to have a more Democratic government, which was the exact opposite of what they had in the north. After about two years of negotiation the adversaries signed an armistice that gave the POW’s the right to stay where they wanted. That is when they divided the peninsula in half which is now the 38th parallel gridline and became the demilitarized zone (DMZ). The war was short but it was very vicious, claiming nearly five million lives. The gruesome total of deaths was more than World War II and Vietnam

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