Cultural Appropriation : Culture And Appropriation Essay

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Cultural Appropriation
During cultural appropriation, the relevant community usually decides to borrow specific elements of the culture which are appropriate to them and hence the term cultural appropriation. It is of great importance that communities should learn what to borrow from others and how to make sure that the practice of the elements borrowed does not compromise the values of the originating community. This helps to have a peaceful coexistence among the communities as each does not undermine the practices of the other. In this research paper, the implications of cultural appropriation have been discussed. Additionally, the issues that might arise in cultural appropriation have been explored including an account into whether or not certain appropriation might be limiting enabling. This is followed by an insight into how cultural appropriation affects learning, free speech, critical thinking, or the interaction between cultures. Special focus in this research has been directed on how mainstream American culture has borrowed or appropriated certain musical elements from the black minority such as the Jazz, the Blues, and Rap music. The thesis for the research is therefore that: cultural appropriation is a great tool that enables communities borrow from each other and withholding the values and morals of a borrowed culture improves cultural relations among communities.
Cultural appropriation is the act of borrowing and exercising the cultural practice from another…

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