Analysis Of Mini-Sombreros, By Catherine Rampell

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In her recent work, "Political Correctness devours yet another College, fighting over mini-sombreros" Catherine Rampell depicts two students being impeached for celebrating their Latino friend's birthday by wearing mini-sombreros to socially act like a Mexican can be offensive to other Mexicans and to Bowdoin College. I've always believed that people who culturally appropriate their culture to another are not human decency. For instance, the fact that the tequila themed partygoers dressed like Mexicans of the Mexican culture as funny or to mock that culture is culturally inappropriate. In Rampell's view, this act is known as, "cultural appropriation" (pg 2). Rampell agrees when she writes, "Bowdoin students that were Americans created …show more content…
For instance, borrowing ideas from the Mexican culture such as the two students carefully dressing in the clothing, arts, artifacts is in itself not problematic. The problem was that the other guests borrowed ideas from the Mexican culture such as carefully dressing in the clothing, arts, artifacts and took pictures. After taking pictures, they posted them on social media that was problematic. Rampell agrees when she writes, "Pictures of guest wearing mini-sombreros showed up on social media, the administrators went crazy. They sent schoolwide emails to the students notifying their reaction that wearing mini-sombreros and posting pictures of wearing that clothing could be a possible act of stereotyping the Mexican culture and it's people. Although the administrators are right to be upset about the other guests dressing up as a stereotype of the Mexican culture because the Latinos and Mexicans can be offended by the idea and it should never be a costume or the ending of a joke. But the administration exaggerates when they claim that the two students of dressing up as a stereotype of the Mexican culture. To put it in another way, today and forever has been the 21st century. in addition, 21st century "cultural appropriation"-like globalization-isn't just inevitable, it's potentially positive. The administrators need to stop guarding cultures and subcultures in an effort to preserve them not adopt one and condemn another. In other words, they need to not adopt the Soviet culture and condemn the two students multi-cultural society. It's naive, paternalistic, and counterproductive. The students' multicultural society subculture tradition and custom to exchange ideas, and styles are one of their tenets and joys of their culture. To put it another way, the administrators could have moved past the blaming and punishing, and co-exist in a way that's both creatively

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