Essay about Cultural Appropriation And Its Effects On Society

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Cultural appropriation — an issue that is misunderstood by many and understood by few. It has been a topic of interest for many years now due to the fact that it causes so much conflict between people today, but solutions among cultures back then. It is the adoption of traditions and/or behavior from one culture into another culture for personal beauty, social status, or monetary gain. Appropriation is commonly seen as a bad thing but, is it really? Without cultural appropriation we wouldn’t have New York pizza, Japanese denim and not to mention how the West got democratic discourse, mathematics, and the calendar (Avins, 2015). It is the main reason that America is as cultured as it is today. Although it’s seen as a bad thing, without the use of cultural appropriation some cultures would still be struggling due to lack of inventions and items from other cultures that was needed to help them expand their society and better their survival patterns.
Appropriation has definitely helped America in many ways but it still creates many issues. People see cultural appropriation as, other cultures trying to steal traditions and lifestyle choices from their culture and claim it as their own, but that’s not the only perspective we should have on cultural appropriation. Leena Dahal, a woman who’s Indian culture was wrongly appropriated, expresses cultural appropriation as “theft” and something that cannot be excused any longer.

Leena says:
“To the girl standing outside Freshii…

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