Essay about Cultural Anthropology : A Cultural Study Of Anthropology

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Cultural anthropology is a branch of anthropology focused on the study of cultural variation among humans. Cultural anthropology also includes the comparative study of human societies and cultures and their development. As a student in Rochester New York and more specify at St. John Fisher I perceive cultural anthropology to be beneficial to me because it allows me to gain a greater understanding of people that are different from me. Although St. John Fisher is not as diverse as other colleges there still is some diversity here. After learning about cultural anthropology I became even more excepting and understanding of other cultures. One of the biggest takeaways from learning about culture is it allows the person studying it to not judge others that are different then them. In anthropology class at St. John Fisher we gained an understanding of cultures in India, Ecuador, Pakistan, etc. This was an eye opening experience because in Rochester New York we don’t always get a chance to see these cultures or the people that make them up. This has been a very beneficial experience to me and definitely helped me grow as a student learning about cultural anthropology. In this paper I will partake in ethno medicine, this includes the study of cross-culture examination of health and disease in Swaziland Africa. I will argue that there is a ethno-etiology in this country. This means I will try and provided a explanation for health problems and suffering in Swaziland throughout this…

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