Happy Nails Case Study

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After the information interview of both managers, we know that it is relate to the court that we are studying for. Also it relate to many objects that Dr. Wadhwa teaches in the class. The manager always sets objectives which is manager sets goals for group, and decides what work needs to be done to meet those goals.
- For the Organizes Strategy. The manager usually divides the work into manageable activities, then selects people to accomplish for the tasks that need to be done. The middle manager go over budget then make the plan as least from 6 months to 1 year then they need delegate to the front line manager . For example, at Crunch Fitness, the manager assign to front line manager certain roles SOP’s like they look at the calendar and the task that needs to be accomplished and decide what to do for the day and then delegate. Compare to Happy Nails, the middle manager to use the resources of the company with have the employees offer the job specialization of task creating competitive advantage by
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At both Crunch Fitness and Happy Nails, the managers are positively and motivate by coaching employees make them feel appreciation and open line of communication. They successfully achieve the outcome of projected goals by making adjustment to their goal based on results and output control other employees. This face to the ethics challenging to the Crunch Fitness is have to do the membership contract and the challenging face to Happy Nails are more heath related, and also reassure the customers that you have their best interests at heart, and establish the salon as a reputable, professional place of business. The manager’s ethics in employee which are training and handbooks and periodically evaluate how well your employees are

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