The Leadership Challenges Of James Riady Case

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The Leadership challenges of James Riady
James Riady is the Deputy Chairman of the Lippo Group, an Indonesian based conglomerate determined to expand internationally, especially in the US market, with interests in creating future social and economic investments with the local communities by funding for education and economic growth in the Indonesian communities. Management is the process by which an organisation combines and coordinates so as to effectively achieve organisational objectives by planning, organising, leading and controlling its resources. Planning involves deciding exactly what you want to accomplish and the best way to go about it (Dr John R. Schermerhorn Jr, Dr David Poole, Dr Alan Simon, & Ellen McBarron, 2014, p. 181)
Using the “The Leadership Challenges of James Riady case study” - (Dr John R. Schermerhorn Jr, Dr David Poole, Dr Alan Simon, & Ellen McBarron, 2014, p. 363) this report will identify the roles of management and the implementation of strategic planning within an organization. Furthermore, it will analyse relevant theories and functions of management, and recommend an appropriate course of action for the Lippo Group to improve its strategic planning and implementation.
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Riady’s lack of contingency planning on negative impacts and issues continue to arise reflecting on his business achievements and measures. An example of this is his political relationships and investments and the effects of his downfalls reflecting on his organisation in a negative financial and reputational

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