Analysis Of Crumbs And Whispers, By Kancha Singh

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Kancha Singh, an animal lover, owns Crumbs & Whispers, the first cat café in Los Angeles. Because she was unhappy with her corporate job in 2014, she flew to Thailand to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Chang Mai.
Her new friends, who knew that Singh was about to turn 24, brought her to Catmosphere, a cat café in Chang Mai. They noticed that she loved animals because she fed every stray cat and dog she saw in the city.
Crumbs & Whispers
Her experience in Catmosphere where she drank matcha, a favorite drink, while surrounded by felines, made Singh quit her job after she returned to the US. She opened Crumbs & Whiskers to help animals and make people happy, which she said is her personal purpose in life, La1st reported.
The felines in the
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The café’s rescue partners found Gearheart which normally would not attract adopters because it was a black cat and a damaged eye. But when Singh shared Gearheart’s story with her diners, the disabled cat made café record as the fastest adoption because the cat got a new owner in less than 24 …show more content…
Among the cats seeking new homes are Lojack, a black cat with a white spot on its neck; Lester, a black tom cat that has dark eyes and great in backflips; Louie, another tom cat but is colored grey; and Lava, an all-black female cat.
Purr Minister 2017
In UK, a black cat aims to prove that its fur color is actually good luck. Midnight is one of the candidates in the Purr Minister 2017 contest organized by the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in Westminster, Oxfordshire Guardian reported. The owner of Midnight is MP Victoria Prentis who represents North Oxfordshire.
MPs from across the UK submitted the names of their candidates. The nomination came with a Manifursto to justify why their cat should be named Purr Minister 2017. There are six cats battling for the title.
Online voting just opened and cat lovers have until 9 a.m. on November 6 to cast their votes on the website The winner, which will replace the duo Pixie and Smudge, will be announced on November 7. Pixie and Smudge, owned by MP Steve Reed of Croydon North, were the joint winners of Purr Minister 2016

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