Cross Sectional Survey Essay

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This chapter explains the methods, techniques and instruments used in this research work. It also explains the method used in collecting and analyzing data. Items explained herein under include the research design, population of the study, sample size and sampling technique, administration of data collection instruments, procedures for processing collected data and a complete reference for all works consulted.
A researcher uses research design to serve as a scheme or a blueprint for data collection, and to help him know how the variables will be observed, controlled or manipulated to generate necessary primary data for the study (Asika, 2001:27).
This research work uses exploratory cross-sectional survey research
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Questionnaires were administered on 420 respondents who have at least 5 years working experience in the banking industry, 60 respondents from each bank. All the questions contained on the research instrument were closed ended questions, which provided options, to enable the respondents to answer and return the questionnaires in good time, and without much affecting their numerous banking commitments. The choice of the questionnaire as the research instrument was made due to the recognition that: it is cost effective, it places less pressure on the respondents for immediate response, and the respondents may have greater confidence on their anonymity and thus feel freer to express their …show more content…
Number: The tables in this research work are numbered to show their position in the series. iii. Captions and stubs: ‘Captions’ are the designation placed over the vertical columns while ‘stubs’ are those at the left, opposite the horizontal lines of figures. iv. Units of measurement: The unit of measurement is stated in the caption. But where it is self-evident, it is not stated in the caption. Example of self-evident unit of measurement is expenditure (in millions of Naira).
v. Ruling: Vertical and horizontal ruling or lines are used to set figures apart in the tables used in presenting data in the research work. vi. Totals: The totals are shown at the bottom of the table. Where two (2) or more significant sub-classifications are involved, subtotals may be shown before arriving at the grand totals.
There are various forms of data analysis that can be used or employed by a researcher. For the purpose of this study, descriptive statistics, simple percentage, chi-square (x2), spearman’s rank order correlation (rs) and t statistics were used in analyzing collected data. This is with a view to enable the researcher to find whether or not there is relationship between internal controls system and corporate survival in the banking

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