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Mashkin Group Inc. (Mashkin), a wholly owned subsidiary of Amir Inc., a British financial conglomerate, is a medium-size, asset-management group based in the US. Mashkin consists of three primary divisions: a mutual fund company with $10 billion in assets; a separate, but closely affiliated asset management company with $15 billion in assets; and a financial services
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Significant effort was also expended in e-mail and other communications between users throughout the firm to collect information that was not recorded in the system.
Working around the limitations of the technologies had been possible when the sales volume and number of clients was small, but with the expansion of the company the situation had become unacceptable. Management felt that it was time to implement a comprehensive CRM strategy with integrated technology specific to the needs of their financial divisions (both the mutual fund and the asset management sides). The three companies under the umbrella of Mashkin shared the same objectives for their new CRM approach:
1. To provide superior service to customers in addition to the benefit of the core product;
2. To identify, focus on and retain key customers;
3. To develop customer’s profiles; and
4. To improve managerial decisions and workflow.
The desired (and expected) outcome of the new strategic approach, which included the internal reorganization of the use of resources, was increased productivity through faster access to comprehensive client records; faster response to customer needs; better reporting and analytical capabilities; reducing duplication of efforts; and gaining data manipulation capabilities.

In order to deal with the complex issues of

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