Crituation Analysis Of Steve Jobs

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According to a report conducted by comScore, 24 million Canadians are wireless subscribers while 81% are owners of a smartphone (Mcnutt, 2015). Within that 81%, Apple is in the top at 38.3% while Samsung is just behind with 32.4%. Additionally, BrandZ ranks Apple the most valuable global brand in 2015 with a brand value of $247 billion, surpassing Google (Apple overtakes Google, 2015). Evidently, Apple is revered as a powerful and influential brand throughout many parts of the world. This is undoubtedly a noteworthy strength because of the fact that the brand image is widely recognized. Furthermore, it can be said that a brand image can determine whether or not a product or service will succeed. With the constant
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Numerous innovations through the leadership of Steve Jobs has instilled competition while forcing the growth and evolution of technology. Also, it is said that the late Steve Jobs in particular, had a talent of staying ahead in the fast-moving technology curve (Hellman, 2014). The foundation built by Steve Jobs is speculated to be the main cause of Apple’s success. In any case, Apple has developed a firm grasp of their strengths and is now a force to be reckoned with. Initially, Apple’s popularity exploded in 2007 with the release of the iPhone (Berger, 2011). Additionally, other products such as the iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and MacBook have all been successful. Evidently, Apple has asserted dominance over the market niche and have been projected to sustain for upcoming years. In relevance to Apple Pay, innovation can be used to address multiple scenarios including success or failure of the application. Constant changes within the market niche can be handled and dealt with in a reasonable time. This will appeal to consumers because of Apple’s mission statement of producing the best products in order to satisfying consumer needs. Therefore, it is imperative that Apple employs elements of innovation in order for the Apple Pay application to …show more content…
Analysts believe that he is Apple’s greatest strength due to extraordinary operational excellence (Sullivan, 2015). Firstly, Apple’s cost of goods sold decreased from 71.02% of revenue in 2006 to 61.41% in 2014. Additionally, the operating margin has increased from 12.70% to 28.72% over the same period of time. Reviewing this in statistical terms, Cook has done a tremendous job in continuing the growth of Apple. This leads to the issue regarding Apple Pay. With such overwhelming numbers, it is impossible to think that the exclusive deal with American Express is the only option. Apple has more than proved themselves to be successful and trustworthy to stakeholders due to operational excellence alone. Therefore, it would be wise for Apple to explore further options to solve the

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