Essay on Critique Of Rhea Medical Center

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Critique of the Rhea Medical Center
Community Health Needs Assessment
Rhea Medical Center conducted their most recent Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) in 2016. The CHNA data applies to people living in the geographic areas of Dayton, Graysville, Evensville, Spring City and Grandview, all communities of Rhea County, Tennessee (Rhea Medical Center, 2016, p. 11).
One thing that surprised me in the CHNA was of the top 15 causes of death in the United States, nine occurred at "Higher than expected" rates in Rhea County (Rhea Medical Center, 2016, p. 30). This is disturbing as I have lived in Rhea County most of my life and have always considered it a safe and healthy place to live. Also surprising, were the mortality and premature death rates, which according to the CHNA are also both higher in Rhea County than the state and national averages. The female life expectancy rate in Rhea County is the 9th worst and the male life expectancy is the 6th worst among 77 peer counties (Rhea Medical Center, 2016, p. 24).
Many factors influence a population 's overall health. Sociocultural factors such as income, education, and employment are three that have a great impact on the health of a population (Clark, 2015, p. 365). Low income, high unemployment rates and lack of education are all negative factors that contribute to the community 's health and the 28% of children living in poverty in Rhea County (Rhea Medical Center, 2016, p. 35). Rhea County 's unemployment rate is…

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