Critically Assess the Approach to People Management Both Espoused and Practiced Within Your Organisation or One Which You Are Familiar. Within Your Response You Should Compare Your Findings to Relevant Theories and Models and Justify Your Conclusion

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Critically assess the approach to ‘people management,’ both espoused and practiced, within your own organisation or one which you are familiar. Within your response you should compare your findings to relevant theories and models and justify your conclusions with relevant examples.

This essay will assess how Carole Nash Insurance approach people management activity by looking at both what is said they do and what is actually done. This has been tackled by firstly referring to the company’s HR strategy, which outlines the plan of what the company is trying to achieve. Secondly, by giving the background to the history of the company so it can be understood why some changes have taken place. And finally, by looking at examples of
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The company has already defined nine culture statements for the whole organisation, however, Buckingham (2006) states that culture is ‘local’ and derived at by line managers and their teams. Part of the strategy also holds elements of a personnel culture in that they require the embedding of culture to be monitored. The examples above show how the HR department are working towards a HRM approach, however, the organisation as a whole has many examples of what it is doing. Storey states that there are few job categories and leaders are more transformational not transactional in a HRM approach to people management. After the take over, the director’s streamlined the management levels by cutting the amount of middle management by half. They were chosen as they would manage staff to perform daily duties but not develop them. After the redundancies took place, concentration was put on employee engagement to create a more harmonious environment. This was done, as morale was low across the company. In light of this, a new approach was taken to people management strategies. The change saw the company trying to gain more employee commitment and involvement by creating lways for staff to contribute such as staff forums, surveys and consultations for opinions; they were respected for their input and not just seen as an expense of conducting business. Focus

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